Case Studies

POP® Content Managed Websites

POP® powered Content Managed Websites allows the POP® Partner Client to be self-sufficient in the setup and maintenance of their online content always maintaining a consistent corporate identity. The steps of creating content, editing and reviewing until publishing thereof is a simple, yet carefully orchestrated roles-based and access controlled process. A core feature of this solution is the activation of pre-approved content based on a date-and-time trigger.

POP® Intranets and Extranets

POP® powered Intranets and Extranets shares business documentation across the organization irrespective of location from a centrally managed knowledge management repository. Document versioning and archiving always making available the most recent version of the document, and access rights management on document level are some of the specialized features of this solution.

POP® E-Commerce Solutions

Commercially focused websites are greatly enhanced by the safe and sleek POP® e-commerce capability. The purchasing client is guided through the sales process from quote to fulfilment of the purchase via various payment methods e.g. credit card payments, EFTs and even debit orders /direct debits. Once registered a user can log in and re-order previous items.

Micro-Insurance Solution: Sanlam icover

POP® Micro-Insurance Solution

The POP® Insurance solution has at it is core the POP® Insurance component which manages the contractual agreement between a client and a customer administering insurance policies. All contact with the client whether by electronic communication or phone calls are recorded to provide a detailed log of interaction between client and Insurance Administrator. Business processing of client relationship management, policy administration and claims processing as well as financial management processes are orchestrated in a roles-based manner. The POP® Insurance solution interfaces with external data switches from where payment notifications from points of sale are received. A facility is also provided for automated debit order/direct debit premium collections, as well as reconciliation and auditing functions. A dashboard with easy-to-read and to interpret graphs and statistics, provide real-time Management Information (MIS) to business managers. The graphical monitoring function monitors availability of all system components e.g. servers, network, and third parties systems. A pro-active alerting capability alerts operational and technical support staff to attend to potential issues to prevent system outages or diminish the possible impact thereof.

POP® Transactional Solutions

POP® transactional solutions provide a safe and secure transactional ability by interfacing the POP® Partner client’s systems with external data and financial switches. Roles-based workflow orchestration manages the processes. Financial switching makes provision for credit card payments, EFTs and debit orders/direct debits. Particular care need to be applied to financial transactions and reconciliation and auditing functions, a real-time MIS dashboard and pro-active monitoring and alerting ensures certainty about transaction fulfilments.

POP® Client Communication Solutions

POP® Client Communication solutions keep track of the POP® Partner client’s interaction with its customers. Inbound customer requests are recorded and tracked from front to back offices, whilst outbound communication with customers are registered detailing content, method of distribution, and date and time sent.

POP® Careers Management Solution

The POP® Careers Management Solution enables companies to create and manage vacancies that become available within the organization. From the employer perspective, roles-based process workflow supports the creation of vacancies, placing of the job advertisements, assessing job applications, managing responses to the jobseeker, and providing internal reports and statistics. The jobseekers can browse the job catalogue, register to the site, register their CVs, and apply online for a specific job. Registered jobseekers may update their information and create job alerts.